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Excellent post, as ever.

I for one hope we don’t rid ourselves of dystopian novels, because a) I enjoy them and b) they do a little of what it is you seek, by throwing light on the possible shade we are hurling ourselves towards and reminding us how much worse it could be.

However, if you want to read fiction where the future is full of positive possibilities, can I steer you in the direction of works by Becky Chambers? Her Wayfarer, and Monk and Robot (come on, how can that not be good; a monk and a robot?!) series are little gems of literary excellence in a sea of pandemic-related and alien destruction fear.

Totally with you on the TV presenters though.

Keep writing; keep happy - you’re a star.


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So, it all comes down to comfy shoes.🌹🇨🇦

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Hi Nerina,

I think the last time we wrote was in around 2004! Loving your musings. I have always been pretty strict with my manners, maybe subconsciously, and, although I've always known how to pronounce scone, I only had my first ever one last month! I'm a bit addicted now.

As far as Dennis Potter and the present tense is concerned, I frequently remember that cringeworthy moment at an awards ceremony (I think it was the BAFTAs), when Theresa Russell was handing out an award, the winner was announced as Dennis Potter, and she yelled "come and get it, Dennis!" unaware that he had passed away.

Oh, and I don't make a habit of this, but I once threw peanuts at Michael McIntyre. I got a huge round of applause for doing so. And, through a misunderstanding, I once threw a sandwich at James Corden. Don't ye fret, though. I seen you live four times (we met briefly when you performed on TV show The Beat Room in Glasgow), and I've never had even the teensiest urge to throw any food at you.

Looking forward, as always, to hearing further thoughts,

Lots of love from Spain,


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Brilliantly thought-provoking newsletter, although it does sometimes occur to me that too much consideration of the future should carry a health warning. As far as we individuals are concerned I believe that all we can really do is be the best versions of ourselves and try to do some good, in whatever form, along the way. I agree that there is no harm in being courteous to our AI helpers, particularly if you subscribe to the Roko's Basilisk thought experiment.

Great news about Zedel, we'll be there! X

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Very deep… for a Wednesday. It’s got me thinking… but most importantly it’s scone as in cone with an s at the beginning! Sorry xxx

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Very thoughtful (and thought provoking) piece. My god, I scrolled so fast when I saw that asterisk though. I was not disappointed.

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This is newsletters elevated. I loved listening as I read. And yes, there are so many things we can do something about. Can’t wait for new music, but this is great inspiration for me to do something similar.

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To rhyme with gone? So like “scorn”?

I jest. You are of course completely correct, that is the only way to pronounce it.

I always get a little bit excited when I see one of your newsletters come in and I will save it for when I have a few minutes to myself so that I can read it all in one go and really enjoy it. They are always incredibly delightful and fun to read so thank you for bringing these wonderful, brief interludes into my life.

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