Hello Dear Reader Only a few days ago, I spent a happy evening regaling Gary Crowley and an attentive audience at The Exchange with stories and observations from my career so far. It was weird after a few months of self imposed hermitry to talk so much and to think about things I…
Happy Groundhog Day
Merry Christmas from The Terminal
Hello Dear Reader I’ve been waiting to be in the mood to write to you. I’ve been waiting to be in the mood to do anything, to be honest, and it’s not…
Hello Dear Reader It’s been quite the week, has it not? I don’t know about you, but I am running out of superlatives (and expletives) to describe each…
Hello Dear Reader Once, many moons ago, one of you wrote to me on MySpace to congratulate me on my chart success while at the same time delivering the…
Two funerals and no wedding.
Hello Dear Reader Since switching off my telly a few weeks ago, and giving the world online but a cursory glance of a morning, my life has been much…
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